Valentines Day promo image

My friend Cupid paid my studio a visit

Cupid’s been hanging out at my studio this week,
inspiring some new products that’ll have you and
your valentine swooning together.

Here’s what we came up with for you:

*Create an alluring ambience with Bedside

Romantic roses, radiant aromas and a gorgeous
handmade presentation- inviting and elegant.

A delightful sight and scent.

Inspire romance with Sensual Massage Oil, let the
intoxicating aroma do the talking.

What better way to express your devotion
than giving your loving attention and
soothing away life’s pressures?

Inspire, admire, give, adore and indulge.

Both products are on sale now for a limited time until Valentine’s Day!  Sale prices reflected on the web site.

See you there,