Fall Farmhouse Potpourri


FALL FARMHOUSE POTPOURRI is a collection of flowers and plants you might find around a typical farmhouse. Zinnias, marigolds, lavender, baby’s breath, juniper, brown-eyed susans, oak leaves, acorns and orange slices make a delightful presentation

The potpourri is a blend of aromatics steeped in sweet orange 5 fold pure essential oil blend. Then refreshed with “Soliel” essential oil blend when assembled.

Even the handmade paper box smells wonderful! I choose sweet smelling botanicals like lavender, calendula, roses and chamomile, to make the paper for the container.

Included in your ensemble are:

10 ml bottle of Soleil essential oil blend to refresh your potpourri

Fall soaps leaves

Simple leaf window transparency

Presented in a package with a charming fall scene that I drew with colored pencils.


Each piece is lovingly assembled to order.

Please allow 3-5 days for the creative process.





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