Rose Glow for Face


A gorgeous collection of 100% natural products for your face with a common rose component.

Facial Steam Botanicals

Botancial Facial Smoother- with handmade pouch, wooden bowl and spoon

Pure Botancial Facial Wash

Rose Serum and Hysrosol

Joy inhaler- can be added to any of these facial products

Meaningful adornments- Because we are goddesses and we love beauty.  Botanicals can be used in the facial steam. Amethyst or rose quartz stones.

Beautiful wooden tray to hold all of your lovely facial products.

With these products you can customize your routine to fit your schedule or every changing needs of your skin. Use your hydrosol instead of water in your facial smoother, or the serum when your skin is dry. Use your serum on your lips. Pure botanical facial wash may also be used with your scrub if your skin is particularly oily. I love to even use the serum in my hair, age spots and after sun exposure.

Facial Steam Botanicals- doubles as a lovely hair tonic. Save your tea overnight, strain the next day and pour over your head- in bath or shower.

These are all of the products that I made for myself during my transitional time into a makeup free lifestyle! I knew my skin had to be at it’s best and it will make your skin it’s very best too!

Don’t worry, the peacock feather has a sweet story. It was left by a peacock who decided to take up residency at my friends house. He’s been happily living there for years and just molts away his feathers naturally. I feel they should be revered for their beauty knowing that the bird is happy and bringing peace in a coexisting world.


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