About lydian naturals

By providing knowledge we cultivate relations that educate us all so that we
can confidently choose products that give back to our mother earth and
that our bodies lovingly embrace.

Hello, I’m Lydia Saunders, the owner and creator of Lydian Naturals. For over 20 years I’ve lovingly created
my products with an awareness of environment, health and high standards for quality.

When I first began this mission, it was before the internet. There was scant information available about
what was in personal care products and how they’re produced.

There was also a lot of unnecessary animal testing going on. I’ve always loved our environment and the
animals that we share it with. It saddened my heart to think that the products I used may have been
tested on innocent animals. Embracing my pioneer spirit, I decided the best thing to do would be to make
my own products.

It’s wonderful now to be in this day and age when we have access to so much information. But even
today, there is still quite a lot of demystifying that needs to be done with the information available.

I feel a sense of duty to keep my information uncomplicated and authentic. This is why I keep my
ingredients easily recognizable and as direct from nature as possible.

Being a certified aromatherapist, it’s my passion for making use of nature’s life force, essential oils. They
nourish, protect and heal the plant in which they live. They deliver delightful aromas with enriching benefits.

Our blends are artfully combined to awaken your senses and exquisitely serve your body. I hope that you
enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them.