The Zen of Hand washing

By now, we’re probably all getting pretty tired of washing our hands.   So I’ve been thinking of ways to encourage and maintain healthy hand care practices in our household, for my loved ones and for yours too.   What occurred to me was, why not make it a more enjoyable experience, not a “have […]

Longing for Spring!

Yes! 100% natural is this lovely! With a bounty of roses, smells so divine makes me longing for spring. Botanical Facial Smoother (with ceramic tray) Rose Serum/Hydrosol Duo (plus wooden container) Botanical Bath Soak (with muslin bag) Herbal Treat Joy Aromatherapy Salt Inhaller…/rose-serumhydrosol-duo-for-face/

Himalayan Cedarwood Benefits and Limited Time Offer

Hi there,   Last we talked, you learned about the legend connected with Shiva and the Himalayan cedarwood tree.   Here’s a couple more tidbits about (Himalayan) cedarwood…   It’s regarded as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and abundance.   It’s highly resistant to rot so it’s used for building purposes. The Asians made their […]

The Story of Himalayan Cedarwood

Hi If you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the scent of Himalayan cedarwood essential oil, you likely love it as I do. I was doing some research on the essential oil, which led to learning about the tree it comes from, the Himalayan cedarwood or Cedrus Deodāra. It’s native to the Himalayan mountains, from eastern […]


Salt Promotion

Rethinking Salt In our last newsletter, we talked about a new way of thinking about salt. We explained that there is a big difference between refined salt and unrefined salt.  Refined salt is a highly processed devitalized food source.  Unrefined salt is not processed, retaining all of it’s magnificent minerals.  In fact, unrefined salt has […]


Out with the old, in with the new…

…ideas.   Its time to rethink salt.   Welcome to Lydian Naturals first newsletter.   Like most people, I used to think-healthwise-salt was bad.   Until I learned about unrefined salt.   I was first exposed to unrefined salt by Selina Naturally, purveyor of Celtic Sea Salt. From her I learned unrefined salt, such as […]


Intro to Aromatherapy; Part 2: Our Brain/Nose Connection

  Essential oils enter our bodies in three ways, through the nose, through the skin and sometimes your mouth. * Today we will talk about our noses. Our noses are 10.000 times more sensitive than any other sensory organ we posses. Making it our most direct connection to the environment. When reading about essential oils, […]


Intro to Aromatherapy- Part One

Aromatherapy, What is it, how does it help us, and where do essential oils come from?   Most people have heard of the term “aromatherapy” or have perhaps seen it on a label of a product and another term associated with aromatherapy is essential oils. So what exactly are they?   Essential oils are highly […]


Ingredients Commonly Found in Cosmetics- Which ones to stay away from and which ones to look for and why

There are roughly 69 million individual chemicals or chemical combinations used in the world today. Additionally, approximately 15,000 new chemical substances are submitted everyday. Who tracks all these chemicals? An organization called Chemical Abstract Society, or CAS.  They assign the unique numbers used to track each substance. Just thinking about the vast number of chemicals […]