‘chin up buttercup’ bandana by Jenni Earle


hand dyed and printed chin up buttercup bandana

hand drawn floral design, with a seeded border and center hand with an offering of a buttercup

words “chin up buttercup” on one corner

21″ X 21″
100% cotton
machine wash cold
slight fading to be expected

More info:


one of my favorite sayings from down here in the south is this one “chin up buttercup.” I loved, and used, it so much as a teen that one of my dear friends still calls me buttercup. and from this saying comes the new chin up buttercup bandana!

as we go through this new era of feminine power, it is important for us to keep close a message that we can hold onto when the fight that day leaves us disappointed. the climb up ANY hill isn’t a straight line, there are setbacks along the way. but let’s all remember to keep our eyes on the prize and our chins up, buttercups!!!

that old saying, it takes a thousand seeds to grow a flower…
note that the border is made up of a row of seeds.
inside that, a small amount of those seeds become blossoms
then at the center, there is one perfect bloom.

make the plans, draw the sketches, plant the seeds.
and chin up buttercup, it’s all within reach…



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