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Lavender & Lemongrass Liquid Soap

everywhere liquid soap

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Ingredients sourced from a small company in Oregon that are cruelty free and organic!

A 100% palm free and all natural product, for those looking for an alternative to palm oil.  It’s voluminous lather is luxurious and radiates with the fresh aroma of lavender and lemongrass essential oils. Enjoy it in your kitchen, bath and every hand wash station in your home.

Handmade in small batches to ensure optimal freshness. If inventory says “Available on Back Order” we will have it back soon! Usually within 2 weeks.

We try to use upcycled, sanitized containers when possible for the gallon and 32 oz refill sizes, depending on availability.

*Please see Lydia’s corner for more information on palm oil.


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Lavender & Lemongrass Liquid Soap : everywhere liquid soap

Lemongrass is antifungal, antiseptic, astringent, deodorant and antibacterial.  It has been known to be helpful for: athlete’s foot, skin tightening and cellulite.
Lavender is restorative, deodorant, calming and antibacterial.  It has been known to help:  inflammations of the skin

Do not use lemongrass on broken skin.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Purified and ionized water, saponified oils of coconut and olive, plant derived glycerine, essential oils of lavender and lemongrass
What we don't put in it: no artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives parabens, phthalates or animal products

1 review for Lavender & Lemongrass Liquid Soap

  1. deborah

    5 STARS
    In May of 2014, I joined the “No-Poo” Movement. In an effort to further reduce the toxins in my environment, I was surfing the internet (and google-ing) looking for some options in replacing my shampoo. What I found instead was a whole movement of people who have stopped using shampoo altogether (called “No-Poo” for “No Shampoo”). According to what I read, it seems as though shampoo actually strips away your natural hair oils, which sends a message to the hair follicle to hurry up and make some more oil, which puts one in a constant cycle of producing more hair oil than one needs, with the shampoo stripping it away, starting the cycle all over again.

    So bravely, I did the de-tox by not using shampoo for 2 months. I washed my hair with just plain water. In that time, because the hair is still in that frantic cycle to overproduce oil, the top of my head was very, very oily, until one day it seemed to finally receive the message that the frantic cycle was now over. So after 2 months, I still washed my hair with water only, but now added a once a week wash with just a little bit of Dr. Bronner’s castile liquid soap (which was recommended by some blogs I read) to get some cleansing.

    Then in Sept 2014, I happen to stumble upon The Salt Spa of Asheville – a lovely, lovely, establishment to visit if you are ever in Asheville, NC. After a very lovely salt spa experience, I perused through products available for sale in the lobby. When I first sniffed the body lotion – I was stunned. The fragrance was so intoxicating!!! I don’t mean that it smelled good – although it did – it was just the best fragrance that I had ever inhaled. (And I am a diffuser of essential oils all the time at home, so I am already in the practice of using essential oils!) I couldn’t put it down!!!! And looking at the ingredients – wow – I felt I had finally found something just for me!

    As good as a find the body lotion was, I must say that the everywhere liquid soap shall now be part of my life forever. It is now my shampoo! It is so gentle, and retains all my natural hair oils. Although it foams in your hand when you pump it, know that it does not lather but it really does not need to in order to get the desired effect. I have somewhat long hair, so I use three pumps on top, 3 pumps in the middle, and 3 pumps need the ends. Check out the ingredient list for this soap…it is the best ingredient list I have ever seen for a soap! That was what sold me the most…because when one is trying to take the remaining toxins out of their life, it’s all about the ingredients. Ok, and it’s also about great hair! And the price point is perfect for me! And, it smells intoxicating just like the body lotion! Oooooo! Ahhhhh!

    One suggestion…the website URL was not on the product. If it was on the product, I couldn’t find it. I Google’d “Lydian soap north Carolina” (cuz Brad at the Salt Spa said you lived in North Carolina). I am so thankful I found you using that search criteria. Know that you were at the very top of the Google list! That should feel really good!

    Thanks again Lydia for making such fabulous products! Now that I have found you, I have put in an order. Besides replenishing my supply of Everywhere Soap, I and will be trying out some of your other products!

    • Lydia

      Dearest Debora~
      Thank you for this oh so thoughtful letter, it practically brought tears to my eyes. 🙂 I so love what I do and have for over 20 years and it brings my heart so much joy to know that there is someone out there that loves my products as much as I love making them!
      I’ve heard of this movement of “No-Poo and not washing your hair. I’m very proud of you for being so brave and detaching from washing your hair for two whole months! Good for you!!! I haven’t mustered up the bravery yet to do that and still enjoy washing my hair once a week. Although, it is kind of funny because it makes me think of my four year old who hates getting his hair washed and we really only wash it every 3 weeks because he cries so much. Maybe he’s smarter than we are. Also, I have a niece who makes a “dry shampoo” I would like to find out a little more about. But I’m so glad you mentioned that you use my liquid soap as a shampoo!!!! I’ve only tried the lotion as a conditioner (wasn’t happy with it though). I can’t wait to try the liquid as a shampoo! Like Dr.Bronner’s, mine is also a “castille” soap, meaning it has a lot of olive oil. From what I understand pure castille soap will have only the coconut oil and olive oil in it. I was brought up on Dr.Bronner’s and love it too. I do have a bulk liquid soap that I use a recycled juice container for, I’ll compare the price for you..it may be less expensive oz for oz.

      You’re right about having the URL on my labels..I just went live on my site so I really couldn’t put it on there yet. But, I’m excited because I have little stickers coming today with my web site address and I will put them on my products (until I run out of my old ones and have to make new labels with the URL right on them).

      I wanted to share with you also that Ines and Brad have become my dear friends. I used to visit the salt spa on Sundays for kundalini yoga and would love to hang out and chat with Ines. She introduced me to the wonderful Waldorf education that my son is enrolled in and I introduced her to aromoatherapy. I love her dearly, so happy to have had her in my life while I was living in Asheville and we still talk often. I sooo wish we had a salt spa here in the trangle area. If I wasn’t so busy being a mom and loving my dream job, I would seriously entertain opening one here.

      Oh I got your order, please take your time with your check. I’m in no hurry at all. I should be able to ship it to you today and you’ll get in on Friday.
      And since you have an awareness for detoxifying I am going to put one of my salt scrubs in there and a little information about why to exfoliate and how it helps with purification and elimination of wastes.

      I wish I had a sample on hand of my new product called “skin treat”. I designed it for the purists. It has absolutely nothing artificial in it and ingredients truly direct from nature. The essential oil blend I designed for troubled and dry skin. I think it smells wonderful and has all kinds o goodies for your skin in it, like evening primrose, jojoba, rose hips and grapeseed oil. It’s kind of like a “lotion stick”. I’ll send you a sample after I get a new batch done! (Could be a couple weeks though)

      So thankful you found me too and that you took the time to write this touching letter!!!!!

      With great joy and appreciation,

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