PURE BOTANICAL FACIAL WASH is crafted with floral waters and sacred botanicals that have been long revered for healthy radiant skin. it’s an ever so gentle,100% natural foaming cleanser.

I’ve carefully and joyfully researched the botanical components and found their most suitable forms to craft this new cleanser:

Rose hydrosol, neroli hydrosol, chamomile tincture, rose absolute and pure essential oils of: geranium, sweet orange, frankincense, lavender and just a minuscule drop of patchouli.

All have wonderfully helpful benefits to nurture and support your skin. There’s more info on the benefits of these much loved botanicals in the benefits tab.

Each bottle is INDIVIDUALLY CRAFTED PER ORDER, because of the delicate nature of some of these ingredients, and that they are all100% natural, ensuring optimal freshness.

Please save your foamer pumps, a larger glass bottle refill option will be available in the future. This will encourage reuse of the plastic bottle with a more environmental glass option and more economical for you.

2 oz. foamer bottle

Follow with Rose Serum and Hydrosol Duo



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Rose hydrosol has many wonderful befits including anti-inflammatory and is balancing to your skin’s moisture and ph levels. Also helps to enhance circulation.

Neroli- soothes dry mature skin and sensitive skin

Geranium- Excema, oily or dry skin extremes, acne and mature skin

Chamomile- inflammations, dermatitis and acne boils

Frankincense- aging skin, wrinkles and dermatitis

Ingredients: ionized water, saponified oils of coconut and olive. Rose hydrosol, neroli hydrosol, chamomile tincture, geranium, sweet orange, rose absolute, frankincense, lavender and patchouli pure essential oils.


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