Pure Pleasure for Abode and Body


From treats and treasures that enhance a home to mainstay, time-honored products that are adored, tried and true. Invite a mindful moment, soothe stresses and create a blissful abode and body.

*REED DIFFUSER presented in a recycled glass soda lime bottle with cork. It’s beautiful aqua hue complements the hand made glass bead that looks like a flower.

*EVERYWHERE LIQUID SOAP The time honored favorite duo of  lavender and lemongrass liquid soap and lotion is a mainstay at any wash station in the home.

*ALL OVER BODY LOTION The delightfully fresh aroma of pure lavender and lemongrass is abundant in this long time favorite lotion that delivers healthy, radiant skin and feels velvety smooth. Presented in a beautiful frosted glass bottle.

*MEDITATION ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND in a 10 ml roller bottle. Essential oils of Organic Bulgarian Lavender, Organic orange, Himalayan cedarwood, Organic lemongrass, Frankincense, Bergamot, and Litsea

*LEAVES AND LOVE DECORATIVE SOAPS- Birds, leaves and victorian hear shaped soaps in a cotton pouch. Birds and hearts have tangerine and coriander aroma and the leaves are peppermint, rosemary and lavender.

*DRIED FLORAL BOUQUET including a Fair Trade rose and other carefully hand dried and assembled flowers

*WHITE CERAMIC VASE to put floral bouquet in and enjoy anywhere.

*Presented in a beautiful wooden box.

Story of the the cover art:

At first delight, the recipient will see a beautiful image,  lovingly hand painted by Lydia’s talented twin sister, Djuna Dirlam. Djuna has graced walls and transformed spaces into magical places with her murals and faux finishes.  She has been a dedicated mother for the last decade and is now reemerging into the art scene. She shares her art expertise as teacher for children’s ecology art classes and painting canvases, murals and faux finishes. Her designs are inspired from meaningful wisdoms, historical values and life events. She enjoys creating custom art tailored to her clients preferences.

For more information on Djuna’s amazing art, please visit her gallery at:








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