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Herbal Tub Tea

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Let your mind wander –– or let it be still –– be free. There are no expectations. This is your time.

Your intentional 20 minutes of solitude inspired from an herbal bath treatment.

Just steep and let the botanicals do their work.

During your soak you’re purifying your body, soothing sore muscles and frayed nerves.  Botanicals, salts and essential oils are supplying beneficial vitamins, minerals and other nutrients while they are being absorbed by your skin.

Your skin is a master purification system. While you’re steeping it’s detoxifying your body. Dry brushing prior to your soak will help prepare your skin to receive the benefits and also perform its purification duties optimally.

Your herbal infusion is offering peace to your busy mind as it’s releasing daily emotional and mental stresses. A time of solitude helps to quiet your thoughts and bring a sense of calm and wellbeing.  This feeling could even transform into a sense of joy and feeling as if your heart is more open.



  • Chamomile- Citrus- Mint -Additional components include: calendula, rosehips, orange peel. Essential oils of bergamot and orange create a brilliant vibrancy

Description: Brilliantly citrusy and vibrant. Uplifting and joyful. Open your heart and let the joy pour in.

  • Peppermint, Chamomile-Lavender – Additional components include: rosemary, calendula, lemongrass, eucalyptus, lime and cypress essential oils.

Description:Herby and lemony are the forefront aromas. This blend is  especially helpful for sore muscles and viral therapy. You’ll feel invigorated and restored.


Our Herbal Tub Teas are designed to be treatment baths.  We offer them in an ample 2 oz. per application. There are two amazing experiences per jar.

A bamboo spoon, reusable botanical dyed cotton bag and directions are included.

100% sustainable packaging with 100% natural ingredients!



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Herbal Tub Tea : tub tea


Fill cotton pouch half way with your tub tea blend. Tie draw strings tightly in a bow, so that the bag may be reserved for a second treatment. Place bag in hot bath water. Do not get in bath yet as the water is hot. Aromatics will start to release in about 10 minutes of steeping. Add colder water to adjust temperature to your liking.  Now it’s your time to get into the bath tub. Gently squeeze bag often throughout your bathing experience to release tea concentrates. Lie down on your back and place bag on your chest, allowing for closer contact with herbs and a deeper aromatic experience.  Return back to the water to warm up, squeezing to release concentrates. Alternate placing bag on chest with expressing into the bath water.  For an exfoliating treatment or sore muscle therapy,  massage bag over your skin.

This is wonderful opportunity for meditation, listening to your    favorite music or simply to quiet your thoughts. It’s your time.

Tip: Dry brushing your skin before Tub Tea treatment will better prepare the skin to receive the botanicals.

Please drink lots of water and or herbal tea while enjoying your treatment. Lovingly steep yourself in Tub Tea for about 20 minutes.

For multiple uses, discard expired botanicals before refilling. Wash your bag with mild detergent, or simply rinse and lay flat to dry.

2 experiences per jar.

Chamomile Citrus: Epsom salt, baking soda, Himalayan salt. Botanicals of: Organic chamomile, organic lemon balm, lavender, peppermint. lemon verbena, rose hips, organic calendula and organic orange peel. Pure essential oils of orange and bergamot

Peppermint, Chamomile, Lavender: Epsom salt, baking soda. Botanicals of: Organic chamomile, organic and CV lavender, Organic and CV peppermint, organic rosemary and organic calendula. Pure essential oils of lemongrass, rosemary, eucalyptus, lime and cypress



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