The Zen of Hand washing

By now, we’re probably all getting pretty tired of washing our hands.


So I’ve been thinking of ways to encourage and maintain healthy hand care practices in our household, for my loved ones and for yours too.


What occurred to me was, why not make it a more enjoyable experience, not a “have to” kind of thing?


So I set up hand care stations throughout my house, like this one, that I put in my kitchen.




My thinking being that by providing thoughtful and beautiful hand care stations, we create a more pleasant experience…


~We can offer enticing aromatics from essential oil-based products that brighten our environment. They have delightful aromas that sooth tensions and lift spirits.


~ Be in the Moment ~ Enjoy the zen of of rolling cotton towels in a beautiful basket. You can embrace it as an opportunity to savor a mindful moment with this simple and soothing task. And the presentation is so pretty! By making intelligent choices that benefit the environment, it raises awareness in your household and encourages continued ecological efforts.


~ We are all in it together ~ If at all possible, try to have your loved ones’ favorite hand care products available for them. By thoughtfully offering preferred items, it shows that we’re paying attention to their needs and wants. We’re going to be spending a lot of time together, so including them in our choices shows that we are all working together!

~ By creating a thoughtful and pleasant hand care station in your home, you can help encourage and maintain the importance of hand washing and hand care for your loved ones.

Always with gratitude, love and healthy blessings