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My friend Cupid paid my studio a visit

Cupid’s been hanging out at my studio this week, inspiring some new products that’ll have you and your valentine swooning together. Here’s what we came up with for you: *Create an alluring ambience with Bedside Potpourri. Romantic roses, radiant aromas and a gorgeous handmade presentation- inviting and elegant. A delightful sight and scent. Inspire romance […]


Salt Promotion

Rethinking Salt In our last newsletter, we talked about a new way of thinking about salt. We explained that there is a big difference between refined salt and unrefined salt.  Refined salt is a highly processed devitalized food source.  Unrefined salt is not processed, retaining all of it’s magnificent minerals.  In fact, unrefined salt has […]


Out with the old, in with the new…

…ideas.   Its time to rethink salt.   Welcome to Lydian Naturals first newsletter.   Like most people, I used to think-healthwise-salt was bad.   Until I learned about unrefined salt.   I was first exposed to unrefined salt by Selina Naturally, purveyor of Celtic Sea Salt. From her I learned unrefined salt, such as […]


Events in The Triangle Area

Triangle friends, I’m bringing myself to you this year! Yup I’m wanting to be available to you so that you don’t have to pay for shipping, so I’ve signed up for lots of events in the area! Most of them will be starting in March. First Sunday in Pittsboro Patchwork Market at The Armory in […]

Sneak Peak at a New Product

Sneak peak of a new product I’m working on. Viral Defense Pouch: Tub Tea with refill, Blissful Breath chest balm, Blissful Breath salt inhaller, Steam Inhallation essential oil blend with instructions for use.


Intro to Aromatherapy; Part 2: Our Brain/Nose Connection

  Essential oils enter our bodies in three ways, through the nose, through the skin and sometimes your mouth. * Today we will talk about our noses. Our noses are 10.000 times more sensitive than any other sensory organ we posses. Making it our most direct connection to the environment. When reading about essential oils, […]


Intro to Aromatherapy- Part One

Aromatherapy, What is it, how does it help us, and where do essential oils come from?   Most people have heard of the term “aromatherapy” or have perhaps seen it on a label of a product and another term associated with aromatherapy is essential oils. So what exactly are they?   Essential oils are highly […]


Ingredients Commonly Found in Cosmetics- Which ones to stay away from and which ones to look for and why

There are roughly 69 million individual chemicals or chemical combinations used in the world today. Additionally, approximately 15,000 new chemical substances are submitted everyday. Who tracks all these chemicals? An organization called Chemical Abstract Society, or CAS.  They assign the unique numbers used to track each substance. Just thinking about the vast number of chemicals […]

Soap History, facts and folklore from ancient days

Soap gets its name from Mount Sapo, Italy; a hilly area near Rome.  The ancient legend dates back from 100 B.C. and tells the story about women washing their togas at the Tiber River below the mountain. As the folklore unfolds, we find out that sadly, this mountain was where the populace sacrificed animals. A […]