Longing for Spring!

Yes! 100% natural is this lovely! With a bounty of roses, smells so divine makes me longing for spring. Botanical Facial Smoother (with ceramic tray) Rose Serum/Hydrosol Duo (plus wooden container) Botanical Bath Soak (with muslin bag) Herbal Treat Joy Aromatherapy Salt Inhaller…/rose-serumhydrosol-duo-for-face/


Himalayan Cedarwood Benefits and Limited Time Offer

Hi there,   Last we talked, you learned about the legend connected with Shiva and the Himalayan cedarwood tree.   Here’s a couple more tidbits about (Himalayan) cedarwood…   It’s regarded as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and abundance.   It’s highly resistant to rot so it’s used for building purposes. The Asians made their […]

The Story of Himalayan Cedarwood

Hi If you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the scent of Himalayan cedarwood essential oil, you likely love it as I do. I was doing some research on the essential oil, which led to learning about the tree it comes from, the Himalayan cedarwood or Cedrus Deodāra. It’s native to the Himalayan mountains, from eastern […]

Valentines Day promo image

My friend Cupid paid my studio a visit

Cupid’s been hanging out at my studio this week, inspiring some new products that’ll have you and your valentine swooning together. Here’s what we came up with for you: *Create an alluring ambience with Bedside Potpourri. Romantic roses, radiant aromas and a gorgeous handmade presentation- inviting and elegant. A delightful sight and scent. Inspire romance […]


Salt Promotion

Rethinking Salt In our last newsletter, we talked about a new way of thinking about salt. We explained that there is a big difference between refined salt and unrefined salt.  Refined salt is a highly processed devitalized food source.  Unrefined salt is not processed, retaining all of it’s magnificent minerals.  In fact, unrefined salt has […]


Out with the old, in with the new…

…ideas.   Its time to rethink salt.   Welcome to Lydian Naturals first newsletter.   Like most people, I used to think-healthwise-salt was bad.   Until I learned about unrefined salt.   I was first exposed to unrefined salt by Selina Naturally, purveyor of Celtic Sea Salt. From her I learned unrefined salt, such as […]


Events in The Triangle Area

Triangle friends, I’m bringing myself to you this year! Yup I’m wanting to be available to you so that you don’t have to pay for shipping, so I’ve signed up for lots of events in the area! Most of them will be starting in March. First Sunday in Pittsboro Patchwork Market at The Armory in […]

Sneak Peak at a New Product

Sneak peak of a new product I’m working on. Viral Defense Pouch: Tub Tea with refill, Blissful Breath chest balm, Blissful Breath salt inhaller, Steam Inhallation essential oil blend with instructions for use.